Saturday, February 25, 2006

how cool am i

bloggin from the apple store in chicago, how for a thousand bucks.........sigh

Monday, February 20, 2006

how lame am i

I seriously just sat here in the library doing crosswords for 30 minutes oh and have any of you fantasized about what name would sound really good next to yours?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

listening: By the Mark - Gillian Welch

I just finished my 8 hour shift at GG, equaling 14 hours total for today and yesterday. While I am pretty tired, I have to say, I really like my job. Maybe I should just forget this college stuff and work in coffee shops for the rest of my life, or maybe I should go live on a beach and learn how to surf. Can you believe it, it is only 2 degrees here in Goshen, and oddly enough that is a degree lower than in Chicago. I definitely felt all 2 of those degrees tonight when I took the recycling to the bins after I finished at GG. I had about 3 bags and cardboard to take care of it and by the end of it my fingers were both numb and stinging, a great combination let me tell you. Tomorrow morning I lead worship at Assembly, something that causes me just a little bit of concern, I mean I am pretty much prepared, but of course there are always nerves regarding things like this. But I think it should go well. In other news, I really need to get working both on jewelry and history senior sem, neither one is coming along and needs to be and I just really need to make them more of a priority in my life right now. But first of all worship prep, followed by sleep in a hopefully large dose.

that weird state of espresso induced tired alertness

I did it, Lauren (the other trainee hired the same day as myself) and I pulled a friday night shift all by ourselves. I think it went pretty well, we survived the huge rushes, kept sane, made about $1 per hour in tips, and closed in a not too shabby for our first time 40 minutes. It was a good night, I mainly worked the cash register while Lauren did the drinks, although during the rushes I popped in to try to help. Right now though my feet are crazy sore, so are my knees, I am totally exhausted, but of course thanks to that cappacino I had about 4 hours ago I am wired still. The best part is that I get to go back to GG tomorrow afternoon and work another 8 hour shift! Which is actually quite nice, because at this juncture in life, I can use all the money I can get. While I should probably go to bed, I think I'll go watch an alias episode.....yes I know this makes me a dork!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentine's day

I know this is rather an obligatory post. I could do the whole single woman on the big love fest day of the year rant, but you know I'm just not feeling it this year. Mainly because today was a good day. I had dinner with my house at my actual home. My mom helped me prepare cheese fondue, my dad actually agreed to change out of his oh so spectacular biking pants for dinner and the meal went great. Then I worked at GG and made a few dollars in tips, made a few drinks and discovered I really like hazelnut pretty much anything. Then I walked over here to the library, while watching the full moon up in the sky and I saw Orion's belt (the one constellation I can actually identify). And you know, yeah it would be nice to have a significant other to share this with, but I think right now I okay with being by myself. Eventually I will find that person to have fights with, and laugh with and go see quirky movies with.

man I even have procrastination tendencies for my blog right now...

ugh, new resolution for me Get off my butt and start being productive!!!!! (i.e. write the stupid paper already)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

so that international body, yeah the UN

I just finished up my first day as the Cote D'Ivoire delegate to the General Assembly Special Session. This is a special plenary session focusing on issues of the Middle East. Today we got through our first (which was originally our third in order) topic which was the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the recent withdrawal from Gaza Strip by Israel. Although I have been to Model UN before, that was my freshman year and had none of the protocol that goes into these assemblies. I am the only Goshen person in the GASS (yes they do actually call it that), so I was definitely a little intimidated. But after a rather dull morning which I spent trying to figure out how to accurately portray a small west African country's opinion on the middle eastern issues, I finally realized that really everyone knew as little as I do and is mainly trying to pretend to each other that we actually know what is going on. Plus it helped that I found a niche for myself by addressing the issue of the Israeli "security" wall that runs through Palestinian territory in an attempt to reduce suicide bombings. Because most of the working papers weren't addressing this issue as directly as I would have liked, I got together with Columbia and Turkey and we wrote up our own resolution calling upon Israel to dismantle the wall and to form a commission to study the effects of the wall and possible humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people. That made the afternoon much more interesting and I was proud that our paper was the first to actually make it through the process and is now an official draft resolution ready to be voted on tomorrow morning. Although after getting some feedback from other delegates, I am having a tricky time dealing with the issues of country sovereignty. Because the issue of the wall is not a threat to international security and because it hasn't received the official wording that would make it an internationally recognized human rights violation (despite its very real human rights issues), there is some issue with whether the UN can tell Israel to remove a wall that was on its own land. Now obviously the sections of the wall that are on Palestinian territory can be condemned by the UN, but the sections in Israeli land are protected by the idea of sovereign countries. This was an interesting point for me, and while I understand the need for countries to have sovereign, it does seem like just one more way that the UN becomes a useless body, cut off from all options that actually can promote real change in the world. So we'll have to see what voting brings tomorrow morning and how this resolution all plays out. It was also interesting to note that although this is an issue I feel fairly educated on, most of my info comes from CPT and other type of organizations, which sometimes lack the non-biased internationally approved view-points.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

model UN

my ultra professional clothes are picked out my info is printed off and 3 hole punched my black pants are free of lint my backpack is stuffed the car key is in my wallet my iPod is charging um as for that reading........we'll just have to wait and see

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

how is life you ask?

Well, the short answer is my life is pretty much lacking all motivation. I think in all honesty I have senioritis pretty bad. My most interesting class this semester is digital design, which has absolutely nothing to do with my major and I just accidentally skipped yesterday. I am not sure about this history thing, but let me tell you it is way to late to reconsider that one, so I shall have to produce this monstrous paper o death even if it is actually yes the last thing I want to have to do. In other news I also have this online class that I need to really get a move on. It is my art appreciation thing that I am doing instead of humanities. I also leave tomorrow for a 3 day Model UN conference thing, which I am woefully unprepared for. During which I will be on a committee in which I know absolutely no one, but then hey no one will know how much I will suck at it. Tonight I work at GG, which I have to say is still a highlight of my life. Although I am sure I will love it even more when I actually get my first pay check. Am I looking forward to graduation? hell yes! P.S I think I should have warned you all I was in a lousy whiny mood, sorry about that!

Monday, February 06, 2006

oh how young and innocent we all were.......sigh

  I have found that sst lies much closer to the surface of my thoughts than I had anticipated. Although not always a factor, it sits there a constant reminder. Posted by Picasa

yeah, I should go to bed

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

brokeback mountain

I just went to see this movie up in South Bend with Crystal, Jess and Becca, and it was a really powerful movie. Heartbreaking and beautiful, very minimalist and yet it had a real feel and grace to each scene. I can't hardly express how amazing Heath Ledger's performance was. But there are probably much better reviews of this movie, else where so I will leave it to them. "Yet "Brokeback Mountain" is ultimately not about sex, ... but about love: love stumbled into, love thwarted, love held sorrowfully in the heart." Stephen Holden, The New York Times The movie was great, but it left me in one of those more melancholy moods, the grey sky today was actually quite perfect for the emotions I've been having recently. I think I am heading into somewhat of a down mood, which is of course weird, because yesterday was a really great day. I think it doesn't help that I am beginning to realize how much work I need to be getting done these days, and how much just isn't happening. Especially the history seminar paper, ugh it will be a very wonderful day when I put that one behind me. I think I am wearing out of college, it doesn't fit me as well as it used to. Although I would have to say my house is one of those exceptions, that still fits well, maybe with some minor adjustments here and there.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

record, oh record

yeah, rockin the hub tonight. Actually things are really moving along for only 10:30pm, however I am stuck here waiting for two perspectives and one comic, jeepers why can't people get there stuff in. In other news my life seems very good, dull, winterish, tiring and better than usual. It truly is amazing the spectrum of moods one can go through in just a few hours. oh by the way the frappes at GG rock, especially the dark mocha, I recommend then. In fact I more specifically recommend them this Saturday from 6pm to 11pm when they will be made my yours truly.