Wednesday, October 04, 2006

happy pre-birthday to me

This evening was much better than yesterday, thank goodness. Life with my three wonderful roomies still has working out to be done, and our apartment still has unfinished bits. But tonight was a good one, although shorter than I would like. I think I may check into reducing my after school days to one, because getting home at 7pm two nights a week, really cuts into my time to get work done. But tonight after hanging our three paper lanterns, we watched another firefly episode, which I always love. Seriously, the captain...........sigh. In other news I am turning 23 tomorrow, which seems both bizarre and very normal. This past month I have embarked on all kinds of adult behavior, but yet this has seemed very normal too me. However at the same time I am beginning to realize I am quickly entering the stage of life, where the years fly by and quickly blend into old age. I look back on my childhood and see that time as such a drawn out period. I mean don't the years spent in elementary school feel so much longer than those spent in high school and college? If anything it seems this acceleration in time only increases. Which reminds me that once again I missed the anniversary of this blog. This past September 17th, marked the 2 year anniversary of this blog. In looking back at that time, I noticed that tried for some time to post something everyday. Maybe I should once again, try to get myself into that kind of regularity. Well this post is definitely a jumpy one, sorry for the lack of complete thoughts, but here are some other things that have been skipping through my brain -going to grad school to get my MLS (Masters in Library Science) -Egypt -love -magazines -watching new musicals such as the Pirate Queen last night -playing with the kitty -etc -checking out irish pubs in evanston Anyways I think I will leave you with links to my previous two birthday posts. 21 My actual post is around halfway down the page and includes a 21 picture intro. I can't seem to remember how to link to an individual post anymore! 22 This one can be found almost at the bottom of the page and is of course my famous birthday in China. P.S. Today and Yesterday I rode the bus home, and I must say there is something about public transportation that I think I will always love! UPDATE: Tim showed me how to link to individual posts, so now you can all find the post through the link directly! Thanks Tim.


Blogger Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day :-)

10/06/2006 12:58:00 PM  
Blogger mennonot said...

Happy Birthday! You have the set template set up to link the time after "Posted by Abby" to the individual blog post. The links to your two previous birthday posts are:

Birthday October 2004

Birthday October 2005

10/07/2006 01:45:00 PM  

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