Monday, July 17, 2006

listening: something by Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Well the road trip is coming to an end and I am here at the M's house in P Lake. Emotions: diesel (its a long story) sunsets mountains hours and hours of music debates about music the pound finally getting to go swimming getting some sun

Sunday, July 09, 2006

listening: When the stars go blue by Tim McGraw

I know a little more country than I usually do, but it is a great song. Besides I will never be one of those people who won't fess up to liking a few cheesy songs. Yeah I mean I try to keep my music a little diverse, pick up a little bit of indie, alternative, bluegrass, a touch of hip-hop, but still I am such a sucker for the ballads. Especially those melancholy, nostalgic ones, that only appeal to the twenty two year olds who think high school was a long time ago. Mortality isn't something I spend a lot of time considering. I spend more thinking about contentment and how to find it; relationships and how to cherish them; security and adventure and how to balance them. Today was part two of the celebration of Becca's birthday, Steph and I took her out to eat at Hacienda, where we had a really fun and actually pretty good meal. We shared two mojitos (made with rum instead of tequila and sprite instead of soda water, therefore making them sweet enough for our lightweight tastes). And of course the required mudslide. It was just a lovely time, much of which was spent calculating/planning and anticipating the Move. We already have lots of plans on how we want to decorate, how we want to do this and that, etc. It will be nice once we have the actual apartment determined so we can start planning more solidly. Saturday was spent working, 13 and 1/2 hours to be exact, but actually as crazy as that sounds it didn't turn out too bad. Both jobs went fairly quickly and time didn't drag too badly, hopefully this trend will continue as I work tonight at GG and then for another 12 hours on both Monday and Tuesday. Continuing this update is reverse, Friday night was the Pirates II opener, which also served as part one of the Becca birthday extravaganza. The movie was great, not an amazing film, but exactly what a good summer movie is supposed to be. Oh and Friday morning I took my midterm for the online art course of death. It went pretty well, although it would have actually helped if I had read the book and would have maybe actually known the vocab words. But I think I bsed my way through it, or at least well enough to pass. My afternoon nap is calling, so I will answer it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

reading blogs

Blogs have really become an interest of mine, during the past few years, bloglines, the omnipresent dooce, have all become places I visit regularly. I read the friends of my blogs, snoop through people's blogs that I like but don't know, I meet new people through their writing and even occasionally update my own. As one can easily tell my posting has become much less regular this summer, with the obvious reasons of work, work, new job stuff, dentistry, apartment hunting and art course to explain it. Yet I think I really want to start trying to post more frequently and post with a little bit more intention. I have never been a good journaler, and this little site will probably be my most thorough record of what these times have been like for me. At the same time, I am not anonymous on this site. Most of my audience of 4.5 people a day is people I know, friends, parents etc. While I like reading the many great blogs out there, there aren't a whole lot of random people reading this, which is probably a good thing and quite fine by me. But still, I obviously can't write down every little thought that pops into my head. So how does one blog about what is important, without leaving out too many of the important readable details that make a post worth reading? In other news life is on the upswing these past few days for me. While part of me really wants August to come, so that I can start the Evanston adventure, part of me is also excited about parts of July. I mean there are some big things coming up, such as the road trip to CO with A & D to visit M & J. Then there is the wedding of Z & E, the family reunion with coincides with triumphal return of C & T. Then I will quickly land in August and hopefully have both an apartment and moving plans waiting for me. As for my own personal state, other than the continued off-handed wish for a romantic relationship with a boy, I am enjoying the moments that I have with my family and friends. With everything going on and all the juggling I feel that I am doing, I don't have a lot of time for contemplation. But I would have to say my contentment level right now is around a solid 7 (high for me), even though there are parts of me that keep feeling like I am just waiting for the next big thing to happen in my life. But right now, plans of pesto making, pirate watching and road tripping are enough to make me think my life is pretty darn cool.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

less wisdom

Friday morning I had my wisdom teeth successfully removed from my jaw. I have to say I have been quite lucky with all this, I didn't react to any of the drugs I am taking, and my face doesn't resemble a chipmunk (at least any more than it previously did). Since then I have been bumming around the house, watching the remaining 6 episodes I had left to go of Firefly. Steph and Becca visited me on Friday, which was great and Becca used her custard connections on my behalf. Then on Saturday Becca and I went on a much needed bra shopping trip, where we were both quite successful. So while I haven't had a bad reaction to the drugs I have been left quite drowsy, so to remedy that, I am off for a brief siesta.