Tuesday, June 27, 2006

shhh, don't tell

but I just bought a really cute swimsuit online oh and yeah the complete Firefly series, what can I say I am in love. And if I can't occasionally indulge what is the point of working all these crazy hours?

Friday, June 23, 2006

listening: The First Taste by Fiona Apple

The cat, the murps, kitty, thumper, cleopatra, jules, is sitting on my lap, and I have to leave for work in 7 minutes. I don't know why that is really causing me dread right now, probably because I am quickly getting burnt out regarding work. But on the plus side, today is only a 6 hour day! So why am I still dragging my feet? I think I am actually looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth removed because it will give me my most days off in a row I have had since starting at SW (which was only 4 weeks ago, what a wus am I!). But in other news I got to have the evening off last night and went to see a concert, and then watched season 4 alias with the aurora girls and I even slept in! So lets see some positives folks! Well I gotta scoot.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I worked almost 12 hours today which in combination to it being my PMS week, I am in a kinda sucky mood. So for a brief bitch session: -for the next 2 weeks I have two free days, both of which are Sundays, so half of them will be occupied with church, unless I start skipping -during the next 2 weeks I will work just over 90 hours and also be getting my wisdom teeth pulled -Oh and I almost forgot, I hardly ever see my friends and I still have 7 lessons left of art course.......ugh Okay and even though I don't feel like it, here are the good things -Operation Father's Day Surprise worked out great, for those of you who don't know Tim was attending a friend's wedding in St. Louis, so came over to Goshen on Sunday and surprised the living bejebbies out of Mom and Dad. It was probably the best Father's day ever! Then the whole family trucked up to Chicago for the day on Monday and spent a lot of time in the car, but also had some good bonding moments -I found out that there is probably going to be a Reba apartment open in August, however it will be smaller then I originally thought (but this also means less rent) -oh and all those working hours, means my savings account is accumulating at a rather high rate -okay I can't think of anything else, so I am going to take my grumpy self to bed.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

listening: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen

Yeah wouldn't I like me one of those. So yeah I have been a bum and not posted at all this past week, but then of course I have worked 50+ hours, so I guess that is a decent enough excuse. So I have learned that while I can do them, I really don't like extended runs of 11 hour days. But this weekend should bring a nice change of piece, with a jaunt up to chicy-land where I will hopefully hang out with the humboldt folks and do a little orienting for the JOB. Which should be interesting, because everyone else at the orientation thing will be actual teachers, and I am just a lowly aide. But who cares, I still get to go away for the weekend. Then when I come back the schedule will ease up, so maybe I will have time for those all important lemonaide-sipping, sunburn-getting, bike ride-taking, reading on the couch, afternoons and maybe even you know see my friends once in a while (this means you S, B, Z, M, etc). In other news (and a good example of how the Menno game applies to the Web), it turns out the cool friend of my cousin's now husband, who also went to school with some folks I know from GC, is also moving to Chicago. How kickin is that? Very, I tell you very.

Friday, June 02, 2006

day of paint (strikingly similar to day of pain)

Actually it really wasn't that bad, but lets just say I may have stumbled upon another career that isn't for me. Today was my first day at SW and I put in 5.75 hours, so it looks like I may have just earned 40ish dollars, woot for $8/hour. In order to give you all a description of what I do I will give a short compare and contrast to GG. At GG we have a blender that we press a button on and then wait for. At SW we have a mixer that we press a button on and then wait for(ever). At GG I work with 4 great girls and my manager is a woman. At SW I work with 3 great guys and my manager is a man. At GG we clean the bathroom once a day. At SW we clean the bathroom when they get a new employee (ie. guess what I did this afternoon!) At GG we have a bell to let us know that a customer has arrived. At SW we have a buzzer to let us know that a customer has arrived. Sometimes at GG we have 10 customers at once and sometimes we have 2 hours with no one. Sometimes at SW we have 5 customers at once and sometimes we have 2 hours with no one. But the biggest difference is that at GG I pretty much know exactly how to help everyone who comes in the door. Name a drink, I can make it, ask a question about our biscotti or our smoothie mix and I can probably find it out for you. But at SW, I don't know anything. But I did learn that a semi-gloss means that you can see the shine when you look at the wall from a angle.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

the answer is....

JOB is a go! benefits = check salary of over 20,000 = check (can you believe it, I think this may be a real job folks) personal days/sick days = check same vacations as school schedule = check 3 day orientations with $30/hour stipend = check all this and I only have to work 10 months out of the year = double check one gosh darn excited abby = checkeruroski In other news, I finally completed lesson 1 of the online art apreciation course, so kudos to me. Only 10 or so to go! Also I still haven't started at SW, but I don't really care, the summer is just looking too rosy.