Monday, October 09, 2006

listening: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

This song is quickly rising the charts of my favorite current songs. I love both the phrase "crop circles in the carpet" and "spin me 'round again and rub my eyes, this can't be happening when busy streets a mess with people would stop to hold their heads heavy" Anyways this was a lovely day, I had off because of Columbus' noble discovery of the empty new world (or alternatively titled Columbus' accidental calamitous visit to the civilizations of North and South America). I slept in to 10:30am because last night Andrew, Jess and I watched Junebug until almost 2am. It was a decent movie, although the only really redeeming portion of it was Amy Adams performance as a young pregnant woman married to the younger brother of a traditional southern family. So today I got to be lazy for the first time in quite some time. Becca and I worked in our room for a while and got some more things put away and up onto our walls and we also took a walk down to the lake. But then for most of the afternoon I watched three episodes of Project Runway season 1. Quite a delightful show, I love the emotions that get kicked up and I absolutely love one of the contestants Jay, who has the best sound bites and outfits. Anyways I keep get distracted by random internet browsing, so I think I am going to go do more of that.


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