Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wasting Time by Jack Johnson

This weekend was a blast! I got to see my Dad and younger brother (who now has dreads!) and of course many of my good friends. There really is nothing like returning after an absence to make one feel loved and appreciated. I also saw the opening nights of Goshen High School's Peter Pan and Goshen College's Die Fledermaus both of which were well done and enjoyable although not to full of substance. But mainly it was fun to see people I know singing their hearts out and doing a pretty darn good job. Kudos especially for Steph and her amazing blue dress! Friday night I spent hanging out with my girl friends and catching up. It was especially great staying up late with Meryl and Libby just chatting. I really do miss the easy intimate conversations that I seem to have whenever I return to Goshen. Saturday I spent most of the time at home working on an art project with Jess and baking things for dinner that night when I had Anna, Samuka, Becca and Jess over for dinner with my Dad and I. As for the art project it involved plaster casts and reflections on the feminine divine and it would be definitely be up there on coolest and oddest experiences in my life so far. Then it was off to the opera followed up by a brief appearance at Rachel and Adam's joint birthday party at Rubber, which I should say was hugely packed and while not as bad as I thought it might be, was a pretty decent time. On Sunday morning I headed off to Assembly for church and a potluck meal (what luck!). Tara came with me and the service went well as always and I got to see the good ole' Assembly people. Then during second hour, Becca and Tara and I went and sat on the couch and Becca and I got a chance to catch up on life, classes, etc. Then we were joined by Meryl and ended up having interesting conversations about food and its impact on health and our lives in general over lunch. Monday marked a return to the norm of internship and class. Both of which went well, and I have a new project for my internship which will mean creating a brochure that follows the steps a Museum exhibit takes during its production. Today was spent at H House from 8 to 4, which meant that I got up at the unheard of hour of 6:40am. While painful, it did mean that I was able to get home an hour early and start working on my 5 page paper that is due tomorrow morning. I also successfully navigated two different bus routes to get to work and once again really enjoyed my time at H House. The people are really friendly and the work is always changing and interesting, but then this could just be the honeymoon stage.


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