Tuesday, March 08, 2005

baking spree ... run for your lives

So I've been enjoying the baking a lot these past three days, probably in compensation for the week without a kitchen. So far I have made the following: chili, tuna casserole, baked oatmeal, no-bake chocolate cookies, and hot fudge sundae cake. I think this has also be in part due to the lack of available food in our kitchen due to our budget for the week of $0 (and that is due to spending it all while in New Orleans). My other gig for the week has been a cut back in television, which so far is going well. I am officially not watching any television other than sex in the city (which I just finished watching and yes it was great!) and alias which I will watch tomorrow night. Other than that and the occasional movie (not on tv movies, those count as television), nada for the week. Oh and last night I went to the library with Miriam and got a billion books (okay only 8, but its a lot) and I am so excited. These are the books I got: - two Sandman books by Neil Gaiman. These are graphic novels and supplemental to the series which I have already read (all except for the last one which I haven't been able to get a hand on yet). I really have to thank Tim for introducing me to these, I had never read graphic novels before, however I had read American Gods by the same author. And let me just say, I love these books, and for those of you who think graphic novels = superheros and an excuse to read only dialogue, these books are so much more than that. Essentially they tell the story of Dream one of the 7 Endless (Destiny, Death, Despair, Delirium (formerly known as Delight), Desire and Destruction). I have already finished one of them and loved it! - the newest book by Laurie R. King, Nightwatch is the title I think. She is one of my all time favorite authors and the only author who I regularly buy their books. She wrote the Beekeeper's Apprentice and the subsequent series which tells the story of Sherlock Holmes and the 15 year old American woman who becomes his student of sorts. - Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, I went on a Hannibal kick this weekend and watched the two movies in the trilogy that I had previously not seen, so I thought it would be fitting to read the one book in the group which I hadn't read yet. I am around half way through this one and will probably finish it today or tomorrow. - 4 books by Alexander McCall Smith who is author of The No 1. Ladies Detective Agency and the Sunday Philosophy Club both of which I loved and want to read more of each of the series. Oh and in an update on internship things, I started my supplemental internship today at Horizon House today and it went really well. I was working at the front desk which meant I was right there as the homeless neighbors came into to use the day room and the various services offered. I answered phones, asked a lot of questions and checked a lot of people into the computers. In other words it was very people oriented and hands-on, a nice change from the more research oriented nature of my other internship. One last thing, I got a great email from Carl Helrich today in response to my email asking when I would hear about Maple Scholars. This is what I wrote, followed by his answer: Carl, I sent in my application in February for Maple Scholars this summer and I was wondering when I would find out if I have been accepted or not. I also was wondering the starting date for the program and the stipend amount. Thanks, Abby -------- Abby, Check the campus mail. I suspect you will find the answers to all those questions. Oh ... yes ... congratulations. Peace, Carl What can I say, I love that man!


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