Friday, March 11, 2005

Listening to a really good boys choir (Anna would be jealous)

Vois sur ton chemin by Bruno Coulais from Les Choirstes Although all she would have to do to listen too is click on it in iTunes. Anyways its friday morning, which I would have to say is my favorite morning of the week, not quite Saturday, but clearly no longer a part of the week, it hovers in between. And today is great because I am going to Goshen for the weekend, which means seeing family and friends which is pretty high up my list of things I love to do. There is actually snow lying on the ground this morning and yesterday I walked home from the State Museum as it halfheartedly tried to fall from the sky. Speaking of which, yesterday was a good internship day. I worked on the jeopardy questions and talked with Kisha and Traci about various aspects of collections, I got more excited about the Lord of the Rings exhibit coming in the fall, and I also ate in the museum cafeteria for the first time and for only 5.12 I got a tuna melt, onion rings, and a salad. Yay for volunteer discounts! But speaking of money, I am really poor. I literally have 4 pennies in my wallet, but hey as long as I keep thinking I am poor and don't spend any of money out of my checking account I should be okay. I am being really random this morning, but hey its my blog I can do that if I want. Well I really need to go take a shower and pack and eat some lunch, so tata for now.


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